EyesOnALZ, supported by BrightFocus Foundation, is a new citizen science project launched by the Human Computation Institute. The project enables everyone to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease research and speed up drug discovery by playing a simple online game.

Stall Catchers is an EyesOnALZ citizen science game designed to help researchers at Cornell University to search the brain for stalled blood vessels that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a first ever application of citizen science to analyze Alzheimer's research data!

This project includes collaborators from The Schaffer-Nishimura Lab at Cornell University, Sebastian Seung’s Laboratory at Princeton University, Andrew Westphal at U.C. Berkeley, Darlene Cavalier at SciStarter.com, and Amy Robinson at WiredDifferently, and is supported by the BrightFocus Foundation and its generous donors.

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