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Medical Research Advances Glaucoma Treatment

In this video, Joseph Senall, an optometrist with Simon Eyes Associates, talks about how medical research provides treatment options for glaucoma patients.


Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness in the U.S. and the world.
Eye health professionals urge support for medical research.

Dr. Joseph Senall, Simon Eye Associates:

"What we would like scientists to come up with to help our patients would be to continue the research in both drug development and also in other kinds of treatment for glaucoma to make things as simple as possible for the patients to be compliant and save their vision."

"It was only ten years ago really that the medications were much more complex. People had to take drops four or five times a day, multiple medications. Nowadays because of research we have very simple medications. One of the most common treatments for first-line treatment is a drop that you take just once a day before bed."

"And to the extent that research can continue to move that way to make treatments simpler on the patient and easier to comply with, it's gonna go a long way to saving a lot of vision."

Original Post Date: March 2012

Last Review: 04/28/13

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