World Alzheimer's Month

This Is Why

At BrightFocus we believe in the power of science to build a better world, one where for our children and grandchildren, Alzheimer’s will become a thing of the past.

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Support our work by making a donation to Alzheimer's Disease Research. Your tax-deductible donation enables us to fund promising new research and get closer to a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

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This Is How

This September, World Alzheimer’s Month, BrightFocus will be showcasing innovative researchers who are working to end this terrible disease. You will hear their “why” - what fuels their pursuit of scientific discovery, and of a cure.

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BrightFocus funds science exploring the full range of approaches to defeat Alzheimer’s.

We are supporting $35M for innovative science worldwide

This month, give to Alzheimer's Disease Research.

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Reserve Your Copy of the 2020 Yearbook

Learn more about our research, from biomarkers and DNA to clinical interventions and new treatments. All 133 of our current scientific projects are featured in the 2020 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Yearbook. Limited hard copies available!

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Alzheimer’s Turning Point:
The Quest for a Cure Continues


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Please join us on September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day, for a special virtual event, Alzheimer’s Turning Point: The Quest for a Cure Continues. Featuring brand new clips from the acclaimed documentary Turning Point and insightful interviews with leading BrightFocus-funded scientists, learn about the latest developments in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, diagnostics, and where we are today in the search for a cure.

BrightFocus: Alzheimer's Disease Research

We believe in taking educated risks. Playing it safe won't lead to breakthroughs, which is why we support early-stage research and invest in researchers with promise - even if they've never received a grant before.

Mac Ishii, MD, PhD

Mac Ishii, MD, PhD is working towards a better understanding and earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's

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Robert Newton, PhD

Robert Newton, PhD, studies the impact of exercise on Alzheimer’s

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Patrick Kehoe, PhD

Patrick Kehoe, PhD, is researching the link between Alzheimer’s and hypertension

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Michelle Farrell, PhD

Michelle Farrell, PhD, is working toward earlier detection of Alzheimer’s

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This month, give to Alzheimer's Disease Research.

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