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Hello! I was diagnosed with severe low-tension glaucoma and cataracts in January 2019. I have lost over 50 percent of my vision. I am a female who is 65 years old.

I was not upset about this when I was diagnosed. It is in God's hands and He will take care of me no matter what.

It is advancing very fast and am having a trabeculectomy done on my right eye on July 17, 2019. I know this surgery will help my eyes but I am now scared witless. I have always been squeamish about my eyes. I just made the mistake of looking up the procedure. I watched an animated short on the surgery and thought, hmm, not so bad. Then I tried to watch a video about the real surgery. Not such a good idea! I looked at the images for about 10 seconds and could not look anymore.

I do trust my surgeon with her knowledge and skills. My sister will be taking me to surgery and back to the surgeon the next day. I won't be all done with both eyes until around the middle of October and the three months healing will put me into the middle of December. My driver license has to be renewed on or by my birthday, December 29. I am afraid I will lose my license to drive.

People have scolded me for driving even now. I take it easy and try to remain focused. Losing my means to get around is upsetting. I don't like to depend on others.

Well that is it for right now. If anyone wants to comment about this I welcome any support or advice there is to offer.

To all who read this and have gone through it, I pray for God's healing. Oh, almost forgot. Any nutritional advice that helps with glaucoma would be appreciated as well!

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