• Marion Reh Gufein.

    Marion’s advice is, “don’t be ashamed to admit you have a handicap. Work with and around it, and ask for assistance when needed, so you can take control again.”

  • Gonzalo Garza with his wife Dolores

    World War II veteran Gonzalo wrote a book about caring for his wife, Dolores.

  • Thank you to everyone who is working on Alzheimer's research! This is a terrible disease that not only affects the person, but their whole family and loved ones. God bless and guide you as you work to eradicate this horrible disease!

    Brenda from Florida
  • Living with a disease doesn’t have to be lonely.

    Join our community of support.

  • Your work is of tremendous importance to every person on this planet and future generations. In my life I have known several people dealing with this devastating condition. It is truly heartbreaking to witness. Thank you all so very much for your dedication to making this terrifying disease a top priority. Know that your determined efforts are deeply appreciated. Be proud of what you do and please don't ever give up. With sincere gratitude...

    Joan from New Hampshire
  • To all the researchers: your research gives us hope and provides us with better lives. Your skills and research are truly priceless. I thank you eternally! I hope more breakthroughs are made and released to public for use as treatments very soon. Your job is the most important profession in my opinion. An immense number of people are helped with your research and will continue to be. You our our heroes!

    Angela from New York
  • Researchers are working to find a cure.

    They need your support and encouragement.

  • Thank you so very much for your painstaking, persistent, day in and day out research on Alzheimer's disease causes, prevention, treatment, and cures! You are the true lifeline for so many people, and I thank you most sincerely.

    Ralph from New Mexico
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