• Thank you for working tirelessly to find a cure for AMD.  My mom has wet in both eyes. I have wet in the left eye and dry in the right. I am fearful that I may have passed this on to my daughter.  Please continue to work towards a cure so that my daughter does not have to suffer from this horrible disease.

    Kay from Texas
  • Gonzalo Garza with his wife Dolores

    World War II veteran Gonzalo wrote a book about caring for his wife, Dolores.

  • Marion Reh Gufein.

    Marion’s advice is, “don’t be ashamed to admit you have a handicap. Work with and around it, and ask for assistance when needed, so you can take control again.”

  • Living with a disease doesn’t have to be lonely.

    Join our community of support.

  • Alzheimer's disease is a mean disease

  • Anthony from Massachusetts holding a trophy with his daughter

    Anthony shares his story and his hope for a macular degeneration cure.

  • Researchers are working to find a cure.

    They need your support and encouragement.

  • Linda's shares a story of her friend Sue, who recently lost her vision to age-related macular degeneration.

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