• Science News
    Geroscience, as a field, seeks to intervene with aspects of aging that increase the risk of disease. In a Q&A, BrightFocus VP of Scientific Affairs Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, thinks that could help find cures for diseases of mind and sight.
    January 10, 2020
  • Scientists participating in the Alzheimer's Fast Track Workshop
    Science News
    BrightFocus is once again leading Alzheimer’s Fast Track, a several day incubator for some of the world’s most promising early career researchers. By encouraging and supporting these women and men, BrightFocus hopes to accelerate the path to a cure for the disease.
    October 17, 2019
  • Science News
    University of Pennsylvania Professor Virginia M.Y. Lee, PhD, who helped develop and guide BrightFocus Foundation’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research program, has won a 2020 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences. The prize, known as the “The Oscars of Science,” recognizes her research leading to new avenues for potential drug discovery and development.
    September 16, 2019
  • Joel Schuman accepting the 2019 BrightFocus Scientific Impact Award
    Science News
    The research and discoveries of clinician-scientist Joel S. Schuman, MD, are having a big impact on vision diseases, including glaucoma. Early support from BrightFocus had a big impact on his career.
    July 23, 2019
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