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Gonzalo Garza from Texas

Gonzalo Garza with his wife Dolores

Dolores was a very devoted wife, a loving mother and grandmother. She was a school teacher for 32 years. She was a very religious and caring person. She had the heart of gold, always pulling for the underdog.

We were married for 55 years and we had five children and eleven grandchildren. During this time, Dolores was a very healthy and active person. She was very careful about her diet and was always very energetic and active. In fact, her nickname was "lightening" because she was so quick in doing things.

We both retired after serving as public school educators, helping the children of Texas. It was a devastating experience for me, finding my wife beginning to succumb to this horrendous disease "Alzheimer's." Dolores had always been a very healthy person and to see her wearing a diaper and in a wheelchair, just crushed me.

For one year, I faithfully chronicled Dolores' assisted living experience. I painfully saw changes-physical, mental, and emotional -as they built up to the flood that washed away for ability, her personality, and eventually, her life. I went to see her every day, sometimes twice a day, driving 18 miles and then later 7 miles, to see her wither away before my very eyes. The lessons I learned were painful, but in the long run, helped me to understand and cope with a disease, "Alzheimer's", that I knew nothing about. This experience prompted me to write a book, "Living With Alzheimer’s.”

In my book, I offer information and recommendations for others who may be living through the trials and tribulations of having someone suffering from Alzheimer's. I walk through the different stages of this horrible disease, trying to offer answers to many questions.

View a video of Gonzalo Garza where he discusses his life as a veteran of World War II, the Korean War, and Alzheimer's disease.

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