A Thank You from Dr. Karen Curtin

Dr. Curtin from the University of Utah expresses her gratitude for the research she was able to achieve thanks to the donors of BrightFocus Foundation.


I am incredibly excited to receive the generous award from the BrightFocus Foundation along with my colleague Dr. Barbara Wirostko, glaucoma expert and world-wide leader in exfoliation syndrome research. 

Exfoliation syndrome is a disorder in which exfoliated material forms on the lens capsule that can lead to debilitating vision loss or secondary glaucoma in just a few years.  As Director of the Utah Population Database, I’ll lead an investigative team to research the clinical factors and other variables that lead some patients to progress while others do not.  We’ll develop an easy-to-administer tool consisting of information gathered from each patient to tailor and predict their likelihood of progression so that earlier treatment strategies and better surveillance can be pursued for those most at risk.

Learn more about Dr. Curtin's research.

This content was first posted on: December 16, 2020
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