Donna Gallagher: A Caregiver's Story: A Special Thank You

January 1, 2012

Donna Gallagher expresses heartfelt thanks to the glaucoma education, advocacy, and research communities. As a full-time caregiver to her mom, a glaucoma patient for more than 40 years, Ms. Gallagher, has experienced this sight-stealing disorder first hand.


Donna Gallagher:

The people that support organizations that research and invest time and expertise and intellectual power for the advancement of cures for things such as glaucoma are awesome. 

I think that people that donate their time, their money their heartfelt concern—whether it's being a volunteer, or writing a check, or attending a fundraiser-all of that is such a critical part of what is necessary to make it move forward. Until you live it day-to-day, until you experience how it affects not only the life of the person that has such disease but all of the extended family, well-you can hear it in my voice, I don't know how to say thank you.

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