Understanding Causes of Early-onset Glaucoma

Revathi Balasubramanian, PhD Columbia University Medical Center


Using a mouse model of early-onset glaucoma, we aim to understand the development of eye structures responsible for maintaining eye pressure.

Project Details

Glaucoma affects nearly 80 million people worldwide. Glaucoma results from increased pressure in the eye. The ocular drainage structures control how fluid exits the eye and regulate this pressure. We have developed a mouse model of early-onset glaucoma. Using this mouse model and modern microscopic methods, we will determine how drainage structures develop. We will also determine the mechanism through which abnormalities in drainage tissue cause early-onset glaucoma using modern molecular tools. We will provide the first genome-wide molecular characterization of normal drainage structure development by combining a genetic mouse model, high-resolution 3-D imaging, and single-cell transcriptomics. Outcomes of this study will provide a cellular level detail of the molecular control of ocular drainage structure development. This foundational information will contribute to the development of therapeutic targets for treating different types of glaucoma.