Can WashOut be induced in the human eye to reduce IOP?

Haiyan Gong, MD, PhD Trustees of Boston University

Project Details

In order to be transparent so that vision is possible, some of the tissues of the eye have no blood supply. These tissues depend upon a clear nutritive fluid called aqueous humor in order to survive. Used aqueous humor leaves the eye through a specially designed filtration tissue known as the trabecular meshwork. The finest mesh of this filer is called the juxtacanalicular region (JCT). After flowing through the JCT, used aqueous humor passes through the inner wall lining cells of Schlemm's canal and into the veins leaving the eye. Disruption of connectivity between the inner wall of Schlemm's canal and the JCT is predicted to increase aqueous humor outflow facility and may lead to the development of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of the elevated pressure associated with glaucoma.