Financial Aid for Glaucoma Medications

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Learn about financial aid resources that may be available to help cover the costs of your glaucoma prescription medications.

Glaucoma Medications

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The following table lists the phone numbers of pharmaceutical companies to call to inquire about potential glaucoma medication financial assistance.

Medication Name Generic Drug Company Phone Number
Alphagan® Brimonidine Allergan 1-844-424-6727
Azopt® Brinzolamide Novartis 1-800-277-2254
Combigan™ Brimonidine & Timolol Allergan 1-844-424-6727
Cosopt® Dorzolamide & Timolol Akorn See table below
Durysta™ Bimatoprost implant Allergan 1-844 424 6727
Epifrin® Epinepherine Kaleo Cares (Auvi-Q) 1-877-302-8847
Glaucon® Epinepherine Alcon See table below
Iopidine® Apraclonidine Novartis See table below
Isopto Carpine® Pilocarpine Novartis See table below
Lumigan® Bimatoprost Allergan 1-844-424-6727
Pilocar® Pilocarpine Akorn See table below
Phospholine Iodide® Echothiophate Pfizer 1-866-706-2400
Rocklatan™ Netarsudil and latanoprost Aerie See table below
Rhopressa® Netarsudil ophthalmic solution Aerie See table below
Simbrinza®) Brinzolamide and brimonidine Novartis 1-800-277-2254
Timoptic® Timolol Bausch and Lomb 1-833-862-8727
Travatan® Travoprost Novartis 1-800-277-2254
Trusopt® Dorzolamide Merck 1-800-727-5400
Xalacom® Latanoprost & Timolol Pfizer (Canada) 1-800-463-6001
Xalatan® Latanoprost Pfizer 1-866-706-2400

The following table lists organizations and phone numbers that provide financial aid or discounts for prescription medications.

Organization Program Phone Number
BlinkHealth Prescription Drug Discounts 1-833-844-9621
ConnectiveRx Aerie Savings Card 1-844-807-9706
Eagle Pharmacy (EyeRx Direct) Patient Assistance Programs 1-844-813-3864
GoodRx Prescription Drug Discounts 1-855-268-2822
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans 1-800-633-4227
NeedyMeds Patient Assistance Programs 1-800-503-6897
Pan Foundation Patient Assistance Programs 1-866-316-7263
Partnership for Prescription Assistance Prescription Assistance Service 1-888-477-2669
PharmacyChecker Compare Prescription Drug Prices No toll-free number listed
RxHope Patient Assistance Programs No toll-free number listed
RxOutreach Patient Assistance Programs 1-888-796-1234
WeRx Compare Prescription Drug Prices No toll-free number listed


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