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Dr. Stanley Prusinder Acceptance Speech (Transcript)


So let me begin by saying how sorry I am that I'm not able to be in Washington to receive this award in person, but I'm very honored to receive the award and the funds will be used to help advance our studies. I think one has to realize that that foundations have a unique place in science and that they are so important in lifting the veils of ignorance as we move forward and some foundations are much better with BrightFocus and the predecessor, the American Health Assistance Foundation, it's been a an organization that made many of my discoveries possible and many other discoveries that the grants have been so important in propelling American science forward and there even been some grants outside of the United States, which shows the liberal big-picture view for what is now called BrightFocus and the people behind this have always just been wonderfully supportive not only to me I'm a privileged to be here today on video.

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