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Paul Greengard, PhD

Honorary Member
Paul Greengard, PhD

In 2010, Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Greengard accepted BrightFocus' offer to become an honorary member of our Board of Directors. Greengard won the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his scientific contributions to our understanding of “signal transduction in the nervous system.” He shares this prize with his colleagues, Drs. Arvid Carlsson and Eric R. Kandel. Greengard's groundbreaking research demonstrated that a chemical “chain reaction” sequentially “turns on” a series of proteins by a process called phosphorylation when nerve transmitters (like dopamine and noradrenaline) arrive at their intended destinations. In Alzheimer's disease, this chain reaction becomes disturbed in memory-forming parts of the brain, contributing to development of the disease. Greengard's prolific research career continues at the Rockefeller University, where he has held the Vincent Astor Professorship since 1983. Recently, Greengard's exciting work has highlighted an existing anti-cancer drug that might be leveraged to fight Alzheimer's disease as well as cancer. BrightFocus is both grateful for and honored by the time and effort that Greengard, a world-renowned researcher and former BrightFocus grantee, contributes to the BrightFocus mission.

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