Eltjo (Ed) R. Schoonveld

Headshot of Eltjo (Ed) R. Schoonveld

Eltjo Schoonveld is a Principal with ZS Associates in New York, NY and Leader of their Market Access and Pricing Practice. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical marketing and pricing from both the corporate pharma and consultancy & research perspective. He has gained extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry through various sales, marketing and general management positions for Lederle, Wyeth, Eli Lilly and BMS in the United States and Europe. Schoonveld has gained deep expertise in Global Drug Pricing and Reimbursement as the responsible leader for global pricing and health economics groups in Wyeth, Eli Lilly and BMS. Prior to his recent leadership position at BMS, He has been leading Pricing and Reimbursement consulting practices in Cambridge Pharma/IMS, Analytica International and his own consultancy firm. During this time he has advised many large drug companies on product pricing & market access strategy, global pricing policy and internal organizational and process challenges. Schoonveld is the author of "The Price of Global Health," a recent book about global drug pricing and market access related topics, written for both professionals and others interested in the field. He holds an M.S. from the Delft University of Technology and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

"Through my professional experience I have found that devastating diseases such as Alzheimer's disease are under recognized as a source of human suffering. In that context, it has been a tremendously rewarding experience to work with such a professional and motivated BrightFocus staff, fellow board members and the scientific community to encourage scientists to seek solutions to these diseases. In addition, I have very much enjoyed the global reach of the programs and the warm collaboration with partner organizations in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. I have high hopes that through our collective grant programs, we can help scientific talent to find breakthrough solutions and “cures” in these disease areas."

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