Life Doesn't End After a Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

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  • Bea McDonald: A lot of people think Alzheimer’s is just all they're getting old you know they're under their life. Why bother you know something else. They might have diabetes, heart problem and that is still not the case. These individuals that have met with Alzheimer’s where my dad's been seeing lately all have stories to tell; they’re human beings they still have life left in them. They're great people. My father still enjoys my son's going out with me going to movies to show the Dolphins games is all that he's still a person.

    Alice McDonald: Leaving them in their room all day or thinking that they can't go for a walk. Or they can't do a puzzle or they can't play with his grandchildren. And you know, they need that stimulation. They like those things, like our father loves the Grand Canyon, the new and Yellowstone and we have videos he likes to watch. He loves going to the opera. The symphony likes going to the movies just because they have this disease doesn't mean that they just have to sit at home.

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