Alzheimer's Researchers Say More Funding is Key to Better Treatments

April 1, 2012

BrightFocus-supported scientists say more funding is needed to understand what causes Alzheimer's disease toward developing therapies that prevent, block, and reverse the illness.


Linda Van Eldik, Ph.D.

"The biggest priority is we need more funding for research. It's very difficult to get enough funding to explore promising new areas. And so, I would really push for enhanced research funding for the NIH." 

Ken Paller, P.h.D.

"Drug companies fund research, but they're very interested in making a profit within a short period of time. Whereas federal funding and other agencies are interested in a longer term and things that are going to make benefits for society over many years." 

Grace Stutzmann, Ph.D.

"I feel you really can't treat this disease unless you understand what causes it. Although it may sound like a step backwards, you really need to understand the basic science, the basic disease mechanisms of what's happening with Alzheimer's." 

Bruce Lamb, Ph.D.

"For the research to be successful we don't need to completely cure the disease even to dramatically reduce the cost and suffering to society. Because of the age-related nature of the disease, if we can move, just shift, sort of the curve, delay the onset of the disease by five years, its estimated we can reduce incidence by 50 percent--and cost. And I think most scientists in the field agree that that is a goal that could be reachable in the next few years, if investments are there to make it happen." 

Kiran Bhasksar, Ph.D.

"I'm fortunate to tell you that BrightFocus was able to support our studies and to test this orally bioavailable drug, which may eventually prove to be a terrific drug for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias."

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