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Understanding Alzheimer's Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies using volunteers (also called participants) that aim to determine whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe for use or consumption by humans.


Clinical Trials Are Critical for Improved Alzheimer’s Care

Samantha Budd Haeberlein, PhD
As the Vice President of Clinical Trial Development at Biogen, Samantha Budd Haeberlein, PhD, leads the company’s worldwide clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Haeberlein recently spoke with BrightFocus Foundation.


The Search for an Alzheimer’s Turning Point: Powerful Lessons in a New Documentary about a Failed Alzheimer's Trial

James Keach
James Keach, the director of Turning Point, answers questions about his documentary, which follows the journey of researchers and patients working together on a trial for a new Alzheimer’s drug.


Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s and Dementia: A BrightFocus Interview with Mario Cornacchione, DO

Mario Cornacchione, DO
Mario Cornacchione, DO, recently joined BrightFocus Foundation, the parent organization for Alzheimer’s Disease Research, in a Scranton PA community forum on Alzheimer’s and caregiving. Dr. Cornacchione is a practicing physician and is also working with several clinical trials. What follows is a brief question and answer session between BrightFocus and Dr. Cornacchione.


Clinical Trials: Your Questions Answered

Clinical Trials: Your Questions Answered
Clinical trials play a critical role in the development of new treatments and are the culmination of years, often decades, of work done by researchers to find ways to slow, treat, or even cure Alzheimer's disease. Unlike earlier phases of research, clinical trials are completely dependent on the volunteer participation of patients and others who are personally invested in seeing new treatments become available.


Participation for Progress

White Paper: How can we better engage individuals living with cognitive disorders and their care partners in medical research?
In 2019, Antidote worked with the BrightFocus Foundation and PatientPoint to survey cognitive disorder patients and caregivers from the United States to better understand how and by whom individuals are diagnosed with a cognitive disorder, what factors are most likely to motivate people with cognitive disorders to participate in research, and which factors play the largest role in discouraging individuals from participating in medical research. This survey sheds light on trends that are instrumental for cognitive development researchers in their search for new treatments and therapies.


Search for Clinical Trials

Explore Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials with Antidote

Search for clinical trials using Antidote
Are you thinking you may wish to participate in an Alzheimer's disease clinical trial, but you aren’t sure how to get started? BrightFocus Foundation and Antidote – a third-party clinical trial matching service – have teamed up to make it easier to search for and find a clinical trial that is right for you. Based on your response to a few questions, Antidote’s smart search engine quickly and easily finds a trial in your area, one that meets other criteria for your search.


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