Mourning the Loss of Award-Winning Neuropathologist Donald L. Price, MD

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The following message was issued from BrightFocus Foundation’s President and CEO, Stacy Pagos Haller:

Donald Price, MD posing for a photo in his office next to model of the brain.
Photo of Donald L. Price, MD, submitted with his Alzheimer’s Disease Research grant, “Cholinergic Systems in Models of Alzheimer's Disease,” in 1992.

BrightFocus Foundation joins the Alzheimer’s disease research community in paying tribute to a world-renowned neuropathologist who recently passed away, Donald L. Price, MD, Johns Hopkins University.

Don was a true pioneer in Alzheimer’s research and changed the way we understand the disease, particularly at a molecular level.

We were fortunate to work with Don our Scientific Review Committee for 11 years, serving as a co-chair from 1993 to 2000. We are also proud to have supported his innovative research.

On behalf of BrightFocus, I extend our deepest sympathy to Dr. Price’s family, his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University, and the myriad scientists he helped guide over the years. He leaves an incredible legacy which will carry on for generations.

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