Bike4Alz Team Visits Joplin

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12 members of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity from Western Kentucky University are on a coast to coast bike ride called "Bike4Alz." They are raising money for the BrightFocus Foundation's Alzheimer's Disease Research Program. They have raised about $30,000 so far, their goal is to reach $100,000. They began the ride on May 24th in Oceanside, California. Tonight, they will be staying at a housing facility provided by the College Heights Christian Church. They will head to Springfield tomorrow and hope to end their journey in Washington D.C. by July 18th. 

"Not everybody gets to bike across the country, so it's something to raise attention. People will turn and look and say 'oh your biking' and ask why. And it just gives us a more open door, a better venue in order to raise the money," said Ryne McMullen, Biker. 

"We've lucked out because it seems like a lot of the towns we hit that will get some pretty bad weather either right before or right after, we come through," said Drake Riley, Biker.