Adult Stem Cells Generated From Skin Samples Used to Identify New Gene Targets for Alzheimer's Disease

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Illustration of the DNA double helix

BrightFocus-funded researcher provides new insights into causes of disease and future therapies. Source: PLOS ONE

A BrightFocus-funded researcher, Dr. Soong Ho Kim, was part of a collective group of scientists who identified 14 genes linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in stem cells derived from patient skin samples. Further analysis found that five of these 14 genes were also associated with late-stage Alzheimer’s. Future studies of these genes may provide clues to the origins of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as potentially providing new targets for future treatments. In addition, the early-onset Alzheimer’s disease stem cell model was the first of its kind, and may be used by other researchers to answer further questions about this debilitating and deadly disease.