StructureFunction and Biochemical Analysis of Tau

Stuart Feinstein, PhD
The Regents of the University of Ca (Santa Barbara, CA)
Year Awarded:
Grant Duration:
April 1, 1995 to March 31, 1996
Alzheimer's Disease
Award Amount:
Grant Reference ID:
Award Type:
Award Region:
US Southwestern

StructureFunction and Biochemical Analysis of Tau



Goode, B.L., Denis, P.E., Panda, D., Miller, H.P., Radeke, M.J., Wilson, L., and Feinstein, S.C. (1997) Functional interactions between the proline-rich and repeat regions of tau enhance microtubule binding and assembly. Mol. Biol. Cell. 8(2):353-365.  

Panda, D., Goode, B.L., Feinstein, S.C., and Wilson, L. (1995) Kinetic stabilization of microtubule dynamics at steady state by tau and microtubule binding domains of tau. Biochem. 34(35):11117-11127.  

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