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Thus far, my life has not been affected by Alzheimer's. But due to your work, it may never be! Don't give up. I and victims of Alzheimer's appreciate you so much. - Kimberlyn in California

Thank you for your tireless efforts to help find treatments that are effective in treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's. This allows them to stay in their homes as long as possible before it becomes necessary to put them in a LTC facility. I work as a RN in a Veterans LTC facility and provide care to these victims of a devastating disease. We now know that diet does play a part in the disease process as it does in many diseases. However, it will take your diligence in biochemistry and genetics to piece together how it can be diagnosed before symptoms are displayed, delay the degenerative effects, or even prevent it altogether. GOD Bless you in your toil and frustrations to continue in your efforts daily. - Carlton in Florida

My father had Alzheimer's disease and glaucoma, and my mother has macular degeneration.. The research you are doing might spare other families from these devastating diseases, which have hit our family three times. Thank you for all the work you are doing. God Bless You. - Patty in Iowa

To each and every researcher: All of your dedicated time and effort does not go unappreciated! Thank you so much for everything that you do; you deserve so much recognition for your selfless contributions. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for all of your hard work! - Katie in New Jersey

Dear Research Teams, THANK YOU for your work in preventing and alleviating Alzheimer's disease. I'm saying this as a daughter who is struggling to place a parent in a nursing home. This is in addition to having another parent die before being placed in hospice. This dreaded disease is cruel and devastating on both the patient and their families. Keep going in your crusade. Gratefully - Marie in New York

I really appreciate all of the hard work and effect that is being put into this research. My grandpa, who I am extremely close to, has Alzheimer's. It's been extremely difficult for me to deal with, but day by day it's getting better. I hope that one day a cure can be found, and many families will be relieved of their sufferings and burdens. Thank you guys so much. - Victoria in Texas

Thank you for all your hard work to find new medications for AMD. I was diagnosed at the age of 60 and I take injections every 6 weeks in my right eye. My sight has not improved. Thank you for all you do to help prevent vision loss. - Marianne

To the researchers who fight constantly to find the cures that we need so desperately. Who are constantly fighting for our lives as well and the families to which they must watch die piece by piece. AD, also known as Alzheimer's disease, to me is a horrible way to watch a love one die. I am researching to not only find a way to make it easier for them, but to create hope that will help others see it in another way. Thank You to all you researchers, who give up so much of your time and family to find an answer. We will never know the frustration you must go through. I pray that you will remain faithful and driven, to seek your answers that will save millions. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for all your sacrifices. I know they will not be in vain. - Jeannette in Florida

I would like to thank all the researchers for their critical chosen fields but personally I would like to thank those who concentrate on macular degeneration and glaucoma. My father was blinded by both. I'm quite certain my paternal grandmother also had either one or both although she passed so long ago, neither was diagnosed. I too have glaucoma, have had 2 surgeries to control it and continue to use medications also. I have a visual field once a year and so far my vision loss is steady at approximately 30% in the left eye. On my last visit I was told I had a very small tear in the retina of my right eye (the good eye). Please hurry to find a cure or viable treatment. If I lose vision in my right eye I will lose my ability to drive and much more of my independence. I am only 59. I still have a lot to do and especially to see. Thank you again for what you are doing.- Tina in Georgia

You can't understand how much your research means to me and my family. My father, grandfather and great great grandfathers died of Alzheimer's as did many of my fathers cousins. I pray for a cure before any of my brothers or sisters develop the disease. Thank you for your work. - Lynn in Georgia

Not a day passes we are not thankful for the wonderful people who's work provides hope for our future. - Marilyn in California

Being a patient of macular degeneration, I can say that after God, you who are devoted to finding the cure for this disease and other similar diseases, are the angels in human form. 'Thanks' is a very little word for what you are doing for us. - Azhar

My husband died June 29th from Alzheimer. I appreciate all you are doing to find a cure and a prevention of said disease. - Marion in New Jersey

Thanks for the excellent work that is being done for Alzheimer's patient which my wife is one. Only hope and pray that a cure will be found in the near future to combat this disease. - Edmond in Louisiana

I've just read the report that the worldwide cost of Alzheimer's disease exceeds $600B per year, and ponder the effect on AD research in light of all the recent negative media that amyloid beta as a target is dead. Why then do you, who are heavily invested in research into AD, AMD, and glaucoma continue to slave away at the bench investigating the role of ABeta in these diseases? I believe it's because of your scientifically-objective point of view coupled with a strong belief in your personal hunches, combined with integrity and tenacity. I applaud your efforts! It's only with those efforts that we will see in our lifetime a preventative therapeutic. - Martin in Missouri

My mother died from Alzheimer's 5 years ago and my husband was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's a little over 3 years ago. Thanks to all working on this research. - Judith


Folks, Thanks a million for all the medical news I have received this year. It has been helpful and hopeful for me to obtain and understand the efforts that all you wonderful people share with us folks with ALZ. Thank you for sharing. - Raymond in Arizona

I would love to thank all of you for all that you do in your research pertaining to any eye issue. Since being a victim of a botched LASIK surgery, I have so much more of an appreciation for eyesight and how precious it is. I wish there would be more research into fixing botched surgeries and also the after effects of severe dry eye syndrome which happens quite a lot. There is a whole society out there who are suffering with this problem. I believe you are all angels of mercy helping to conquer any vision problems that people may incur. It's one on the worst things that can happen to someone and it's nice to know that there are people out there that actually care. - Cindy in Iowa

The critical work you do impacts so many individuals and families and helps promote further advancements in better understanding this disease. Thank you for your dedication. - Jeanne in Vermont

Thank you for all you do to research this dreadful disease. I lost my sister with horrible Alzheimer's. I have been thoroughly checked out by the Neurology Department at UCLA, and, thankfully have no sign of the disease at 78 years old. I know there is a way to check for a gene, I think, but I will not be asking for that, as yet. Keep up the good work. No one should have to suffer so much with no help in sight. - Margaret, 1/2 sister of Betty in Urbana, IL

I watched my mother, a powerful, vigorous figure into her mid 80s, waste away to semi-consciousness from this brutally cruel disease. Your efforts to spare others and their families are an inspiration for us all. - Allen and Phyllis in Missouri

It means so much to all Americans that you have been working diligently in the effort to find the cause and cure for Alzheimer's disease. I am an RN and have had many patients with Alzheimer's and I truly loved those patients. The families suffered so much in hoping that they would be recognized just one time. You are being praised by all of us. Thank you so very much. - Barbara in Wisconsin

Thank you for your dedication, hard work and probably many days of long hours in your search for Alzheimer's causes and cures. - Richard in Michigan

I want to personally extend my gratitude for the work you are doing as I have been affected by Alzheimer's disease. Both of my parents were diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and my sister and I wonder about our own future. I've seen the devastation, on all levels, that this disease brings about and hope that my children never have to suffer from witnessing my descent into the latter stages of Alzheimer's. Please keep up the work and hold the faith that the cure and prevention is possible. Thank you. - Karen in North Carolina

Many thanks for your hard work to eliminate this terrible disease. Keep up the good work. - Richard

Thank you for taking the time to careful experiment and find new ways to slow the progression of this devastating disease. All diseases are difficult but Alzheimer's is slow, deliberate and takes away parts of you when you least expect to put you on a roller coaster that never stops.... Keep up the good work!! - Anna in New York

Thank you to all those who are so dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer's. I watched my mother-in-law and my uncle progress with the disease until they could no longer communicate at all. It is so sad, and of course a concern of my generation that we may also succumb to it. I certainly hope and pray that all of your efforts pay off. - Christi in California

My wife Rita Helfand enrolled in the research program, Elan in September 2008, and completed her program in April 2010 when the Elan people gave her an additional 2-1/2 years. It was because of res ea arch people like you that we can have hope for our-selves and our children, and of course, including the human race. THANK YOU YOU ARE APPRECIATED. - Alan in Florida

Thank you for your dedicated work to understand Alzheimer's disease and to find ways to slow its advance. I have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, and I find encouragement from all of the research and new findings regarding this disease. And I hope and pray that there will be a treatment and/or cure in time for me. In the meantime, keep up your dedicated work. Thank You. - Mary in Wisconsin

THANK YOU ! from every cell in my HEART!! - Angelic in Florida

I can't thank you enough for your care, concern and work to help find a cure for this terrible disease. My husband, a retired oncologist ,at 55 years old has EOAD. This is a family disease that affects everyone around him. Please continue your efforts as I continue to raise thousands through walks and other donations to end this horrible disease. - Sheryl in New Jersey

The latest email you sent on the progress you're making is very uplifting. To work towards making the patients quality of life better, and easing the hardship on families is a great mission. Keep working on achieving this great goal. - Robert in Florida

I can't begin to express my deep gratitude for your effort in research for understanding cause, treatment and cure for ALZ. My husband suffers with ALZ and I have been his care giver now since 2006. It s like living with someone who has already ceased to live and breaks my heart to see him in his condition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Elleanor in Delaware

Hello. I am a 59 year old female. My mother had Dementia (at the time they stated that without family history (and she was about the last one)) they could only diagnose Dementia, not Alzheimer's. I worry sometimes because little memory lapses are starting to occur. It is very nice to know you are out there and may be close to a 'cure'. Thank you for the work you do. - Deborah in Georgia

Thank you SO MUCH for all your research in trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. I have lost friends to this terrible disease, and have others who have it, and I know what a dreadful thing it is. Continue on in your efforts, as they are appreciated. - Barbara in Arkansas

Thank you for putting up with organic chemistry and physics, and all those other tough subjects, the sleepless nights spent studying and writing papers so that you could graduate and pursue loftier pursuits, such as finding cures for illnesses that plague humanity. You'll never know how many lives you have touched... and we are grateful for you. - Jenny in Louisiana

Many thanks for all you do each and every day to find a cure for this devastating disease! - Karen in New York

Please accept my thank and encouragement for the work you are doing. The huge number of dementia patients expected in the next few years makes your endeavors among the most highly leveraged activities in the world today. Please tell me if there is anything I could do to help you. Unfortunately, I am out of work and unable to help you financially. - Gerald in New York

My mother died from the effects of Alzheimer's. Therefore, her three children are very concerned about what the future holds for us and our minds. She was a brilliant woman and compensated for her disease with her intelligence but as all people do, she lost her battle and all of her dignity with it. We applaud your work and pray that it leads to a curse, a delay, anything that will make battling this awful disease a little easier for the patient and the family. - Cathy in Virginia

Thanks for anything you can do to help cure this dreaded disease. Support the caregivers too. - Marlene in Florida

Thanks for the wonderful research work you are doing. Alzheimer's hits many people and makes life very miserable for many families. Your work makes living longer more meaningful. - Frank in Texas

A heartfelt thank you for the research you are doing. - Sara in Illinois

I want to thank you for your valiant efforts in your efforts to find the cause of this disease and in destroying this enemy. Alzheimer's has taken my grandmother, my mother, my father and my sister. I am personally involved in this fight by giving monthly donations and I am proud to help you stay on the front lines in this war. God Bless you and your team. - Regenna in Illinois

I am a 89 year old Senior Citizen who has just learned that he has MD. I wish to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing to help those of us with MD to have hope that you may be on the threshold of curing this devastating disease. You are my heroes and I bless you all. - Charles in Arizona

As a physicist I appreciate research. As one who saw my mother suffer from Alzheimer's I especially appreciate the work that dedicated researchers do. Thank you for all the often frustrating and thankless work that you do. - Alfred in Maryland

I would like to express a big, big thank you to all of the scientists that are working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease. I recently lost my mother to this deadly/ugly disease. My father is also suffering from it. Maybe I will be able to see a cure found before I leave this earth. I sure hope so. Again thank you and keep up the good work. - Yvette in Delaware

My husband is stage 4.5 Alzheimer's and my gratitude 2 the researchers whom work so hard every day 2 help 3 overcome this disease, I say thank you, koodoos, and my blessings. The least little bit of information U can furnish us is just 1 more thing we can pass onto the next generation. - Laney in Florida

My husband passed away in January 2010. He suffered from CHF as well as AD. My prayer was that God would take him before the AD had processed to where he wouldn't know his family. My prayers were answered. Although the current research is too late to help my husband, Charlie, I want to say a personal thank you to all of you who are striving to rid the world of this disease and the toll it takes on all members of the family. - Gail in California

Thank you so much for you and what you do. My mother was struck with this dreaded disease and now you've given my twin brother and me hope. God Bless you! May only good things happen to you! - Peggy in Virginia

One without memory is as good as dead. Loss of memory due to any reason deprives the living being of the very purpose of this life. Any fundamental basic and applied research on the mechanism and cause of loss of memory is universally useful, not necessarily for just those who are suspected of having Alzheimer's symptoms. In a society where memory-impaired elderly 'loved-ones' are mercilessly dumped into impersonal 'nursing homes' by family members, it is extremely gratifying to find an exclusively dedicated group of life-scientists engaged in research on the method of detection and treatment of Alzheimer's and other related symptoms of memory impairments. While we thank these scientists for their far-reaching loving investigation, we must call upon on our national government to fund these investigations adequately instead of plundering the national wealth in destroying life, liberty, health and happiness. - K K in Maryland

Thank you so much for the effort you are putting in on Alzheimer's research. My dad died from Alzheimer's and I am anxiously awaiting positive news about diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Again thank you so much for your researching Alzheimer's. - Ellen in Texas

Thank all the who are doing research for a cure for Alzheimer. I have seen to many cases in my work and now my family. Keep up the good work. And thank you again. - Marcia in New York

I want to personally thank you for all of your efforts to find a cure/preventative for Alzheimer's disease. I watched my mother deteriorate and die from this disease, and I have now been diagnosed with with the early stages of this sad and terrible disease. I continue to hope that a treatment/cure will be found in time for me. Once again, thanks for all you do. - Mary in Wisconsin

My husband died two years ago after living with Alzheimer's disease for at least 8 years. If you can find a treatment or cure to ease the suffering of these folks, that would be such a contribution to society. Thank you so much for your efforts in this area. - Mary in Washington

Thank you so much and may God bless all of you for the very important work you do. You are helping so many individuals and families. - James in Pennsylvania

Thank God, for all you wonderful researchers men and women. - Pat

Alzheimer's has reared its ugly head once again in our family. Mom has it now and I pray for all the researchers to find a cure. This may be in my genes and the ones of my siblings, because mom has said she prays for all of us, so that we are not affected. I can definitely say AMEN to that. Thank you for all your work!!! - KF in Illinois

Ever since my father developed Alzheimer's and died from complications in 2000, I have been supporting research for a cure to this life-devastating disease. I appreciate your determined efforts to this end and pray that a prevention will one day be found. Thank you. - Elizabeth in California

Thank you for your continued efforts in finding cures and better treatments for life-changing diseases. As a daughter of MS and a grand-daughter of cancer and Alzheimer's, I appreciate your work immensely. - Amanda in Nevada

My father and three of my mother's siblings had Alzheimer's. I am grateful for what you are doing to find the cause and cure for this dreadful disease. - Mary in Oregon

I said a prayer for all of you, that you may be blessed with good health and happiness, for your dedication to Alzheimer's Research. Thank you for your persistence to this cause! Thank you for any other research, that you have diligently given your time. Best wishes to great minds! Sincerely, CP - Carole in Rhode Island

My mother died from Alzheimer's 5 years ago and my husband was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's a little over 3 years ago. Thanks to all working on this research. - J H

My mother has Alzheimer's disease and it is so hard to see someone that you love slowly fade away. Please never give up trying to find a cure for this terrible disease. - Paul in Florida

Keep up the the fantastic work that you all are doing. I am coping with severe wet macular degeneration and I just want you know that I greatly appreciate your efforts. I know that one day you will find a cure. - Jane in New York

Many thanks! Hope one day soon we see a cure! - Sara in Virginia

I thank you for the information regarding Alzheimer's disease. I have been diagnosed with it and have noticed during the past week that I have become more confused and forgetful. I have to admit that I am a 74-year-old woman and would appreciate your prayers. God Bless - Aggie in Missouri

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