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BrightFocus' “See a Better Photo Contest” has ended. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and voted. Congratulations to the winning photographers: Gilda-Lee Hitchcock (Memorable Mt. Marcy), Carl Chalupa (The Bluffs), Jeff Marcus (Tranquil Spring Morning), and Umesh Kaul (Flight knows no horizons).

Each of our winners will receive prize packs assembled by BrightFocus. We thank Gargoyles Eyewear and Simon Eye Associates for donating prizes

The Winners

Gilda-Lee Hitchcock
Memorable Mt. Marcy

Our son was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the age of 14. For the past 8 years his vision has been slowly taken away from him in one eye. His remaining eye is now showing signs of deterioration. He is our hero. He never gives up although the thought of not seeing petrifies him. He was 10 when this photo was taken. We climbed Mount Marcy in upstate New York. What a SIGHT. To this day it remains one of our favorite times together. We DREAM of a cure. I want him to SEE Mount Marcy with his children.

Memoriable Mt. Marcy

Carl Chalupa
The Bluffs

One of my favorite hangouts, where I like to walk and watch the birds land in the water. I visit this place every couple of weeks, and it is always changing.

The Bluffs

Jeff Marcus
Tranquil Spring Morning

On my Sunday morning drive through the rural towns of Wisconsin, I found a small pond on the side of the road. It was just after dawn and the mist was still hovering over the pond. The Canadian goose was enjoying her morning swim. The softness and gentle nature of the scene gave me pause to appreciate those quiet moments in life that I cherish. My wish is that everyone could see and enjoy this and every moment in time that evokes a peaceful emotion.

Tranquil Spring Morning

Umesh Kaul
Flight knows no horizons.

The feathers of will are required for soaring in the sky. Picture of Land, The Cosmopolitan Shore, The Sea, The Sunset and the bird [Sea Gull] strives hard to complete her last flight before the night.

Flight knows no horizons.

Source: BrightFocus

Last Review: 03/18/14