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Treatments for Macular Degeneration

If you are diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), you need to see your eye doctor regularly to determine how quickly your disease is progressing. Your doctor can:

  • Tell you how to control risk factors for AMD
  • Show you how to use the Amsler grid, a simple method by which you can regularly monitor and detect any subtle changes in your vision on your own

At the first sign of any visual changes—no matter how small they may seem—you should make an appointment with your eye care provider.

Your doctor may use one or more treatment options for the dry and wet forms of macular degeneration:

Treating Dry AMD

Once dry AMD reaches the advanced stage, no form of treatment at present can prevent further vision loss. However, some interventions could delay and possibly prevent intermediate AMD from progressing to the advanced stage in which vision loss occurs.

See the Treatments for Dry AMD factsheet for a list of approved drugs used for treatment.   

Treating Wet AMD

Doctors can treat wet AMD to slow the rate of vision decline or stop further vision loss. None of the treatments will cure wet AMD, and the disease and vision loss may progress even with treatment. Discuss all your treatment options with your eye care professional.

See the Treatments for Wet AMD factsheet for a list of treatment options.

Potential Treatments for Macular Degeneration

Researchers are investigating many potential treatments for AMD and testing them in human clinical trials. For snapshots of current investigations and information on how to participate in a clinical trial, visit and enter one of the following terms in the search field:

  • macular degeneration
  • age-related macular degeneration
  • AMD
  • ARMD is a database maintained by the National Institutes of Health that lists government and privately sponsored clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world.


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