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Honor Tribute Page Sample

This is an example of what an honor tribute page looks like once it's created.

Honor funds typically pay tribute to a special loved one who has not passed on. The fund champion will be asked to supply the full name (along with title, prefix, and suffixes) of the person being honored.

Welcome to the James Gardington Honor Page

James Gardington

James Gardington

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My husband James has open-angle glaucoma. He rarely went to the eye doctor and one day he noticed that his peripheral vision was becoming cloudy and blurry. So, he made an appointment with an ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma. He was told that the sight that he had lost would never be regained and that it would worsen without proper treatment. Both of us had no idea what glaucoma was. We had heard that it was an eye disease; but, we didn't know that it could lead to blindness. I worried so often that he would lose his sight completely.

Soon after diagnosis, he was prescribed medication to lower his eye pressure. After one year, it was determined that he would need to have laser surgery, a trabeculoplasty. After the surgery was completed, his eye pressure and vision stabilized. However, there is still nothing that can be done to regain the vision that he has lost. The blurry spots that he sees in his periphery will always be there.

Living with glaucoma is an everyday battle. Although you can take medication and surgery options are available, the fact that your pressure could increase and cause further damage to your eye is always there.

I'm proud of my husband and I love him very much. He has shown a great deal of strength throughout this process; his quick wit and charming sense of humor have never faltered, and his positive attitude remains a source of inspiration to me.

I strongly believe that early detection, public education and research are incredibly important when it comes to this often misunderstood disease. This is why I am helping the BrightFocus Foundation fight for a cure. Join me and support glaucoma research.

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Chris Betts Fri, Jan 9th, 2009

Beautiful page Denise! Thank you for sharing James stroy with us..

Janelle Jacobs Wed, Jan 14, 2009

James is the best. What a wonderful page you've created. I agree and believe it is very important to fund research that will lead to a cure.

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