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    Glaucoma: Facts & Figures

    More than 3 million Americans are living with glaucoma, 2.7 million of whom-aged 40 and older-are affected by its most common form, open-angle glaucoma. Get the facts about glaucoma disease.

    Monday, Jul 20, 2015
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    Alzheimer’s Disease: Facts & Figures

    Every 67 seconds, someone in America develops Alzheimer's. It is estimated that nearly 500,000 new cases of Alzheimer's disease will be diagnosed this year. Get the facts about Alzheimer's disease—the most common form of dementia.

    Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015
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    Treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    Once dry AMD reaches the advanced stage, no form of treatment at present can prevent further vision loss. However, some interventions could delay and possibly prevent intermediate AMD from progressing to the advanced stage in which vision loss occurs.

    Saturday, Jul 4, 2015
  • Doctor holding a prescription medication bottle
    Promising Science

    Treating Alzheimer’s Before It Becomes Alzheimer’s

    Up until now, the best method scientists have had to fight Alzheimer’s has been using drugs to treat the symptoms of the disease after they start to show. But new research offers them new hopes for treatments to attack the disease sooner.

    Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015
  • Promising Science

    Alzheimer’s in a Petri Dish

    In what is being hailed a “game changer” for Alzheimer’s research, researchers Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD, and Se Hoon Choi, PhD, both BrightFocus grantees, have done the impossible. Together with their colleagues, they have managed to grow human brain cells in a laboratory for use in Alzheimer’s testing.

    Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015
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