Fact Sheet

Financial Aid for Alzheimer's Medications

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Learn about financial aid resources that may be available to help cover the costs of your Alzheimer's prescription medications.

Alzheimer's Disease Medications

Medication NameGenericDrug CompanyToll-Free Number
Namenda®MemantineForest Pharm1-800-851-0758
Namzaric®Memantine and DonepezilActavis1-855-864-4024
Razadyne® GalantamineOrtho-McNeil-Janssen1-800-652-6227

Financial Aid Helpful Resources

Organization Program Phone Number
Partnership for Prescription Assistance Prescription Assistance Service1-888-477-2669
TogetherONE TogetherRx Access 1-800-444-4106

Patient Assistance Programs

MAP International Medical Supply Program1-800-225-8550
MedicarePrescription Drug Plans 1-800-633-4227



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