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Public Service Announcements - Glaucoma

Glaucoma: You Have Questions; We Have Answers



I feel like it's all on my shoulders.

How am I going to take care of my parents if they develop an eye disease like glaucoma?

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in African Americans and Hispanics in the United States.

And, what about my kids, will they inherit it?

…not to mention my risk factor.

I'm really concerned; and I need some answers.

Dr. Goldberg:

I'm Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, an ophthalmologist and a scientist, supported by A-H-A-F, the BrightFocus Foundation.

We're working to discover breakthrough treatments - and a cure - for glaucoma.

At BrightFocus.org, we will answer your questions and address your concerns.

Learn about glaucoma, its symptoms, risk factors and treatment options.

Also, how to live with or care for someone with the disease.

Call 1-800-437-2423 or go to BrightFocus.org for a free brochure on how eye disease affects all of our lives.

Original Post Date: 2010

Last Review: 01/22/14

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