A headshot of Dave Marks who is vice president of Finance and administration

Dave Marks

Vice President, Finance and Administration


BrightFocus Foundation is governed by a board of directors composed of eleven members and two honorary members, all with a broad range of experience and expertise. The board meets quarterly to ensure that donor contributions fund the highest quality research, and its members help us achieve our public outreach objectives.

The board formulates plans, defines goals and objectives, and evaluates BrightFocus' success in achieving its mission.

The president and CEO of BrightFocus manages all aspects of day-to-day operations and supervises all staff members. The managers of each department report directly to her. She guides the organization to ensure that BrightFocus is well-run, achieves the highest standards, plans for future, and meets or exceeds its goals. 

Why Am I Involved?

Members of our board of directors share why they are involved with BrightFocus.

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